WAN Optimisation

Application Acceleration. Bandwidth Optimisation. Consolidation. Disaster Recovery.

We understand that managing a complex network in your branches, head office and data centre(s) can be difficult while still maintaining effective business operations. Telkomtelstra’s WAN Optimisation Services offer your enterprise an effective and efficient solution for optimising WAN performance along with essential visibility and control across your network. Our WAN Optimisation solution enhances the performance of applications, delivering an exceptional end-user experience. Our solution simplifies your management, reduces costs and ensures service-level delivery of your business-critical applications.

Bandwidth-hungry applications can cause major congestion on your network, resulting in unpredictable behaviour across your portfolio of services and applications. In many cases this can result in reduced staff productivity as they wait for applications to operate to their expected standards or full functionality to be restored. Additionally, frustration often effects users if they are impacted by these issues, which also influences the effectiveness of teams. Therefore, managing and optimising your network to boost your application performance is essential to maintaining your employee productivity and satisfaction.

Telkomtelstra’s WAN Optimisation Service is part of our MNS portfolio. This can effectively optimise your network and operations to accelerate your application performance without tying down your internal team or adding additional layers of complexity. As an extension of our MNS offer, telkomtelstra’s WAN Optimisation Service provides not only the CPE devices, but also an integrated, end-to-end managed network service over the under-lying carriage network including design, installation, management, and maintenance for your WAN.

Furthermore, our WAN Optimisation Service is Cloud Ready. This allows you to deploy our service directly within Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings such as our Managed Private Cloud platform and Public Cloud providers. This ensures your organization can seamlessly extend your WAN optimization performance into the Cloud.


MNS Wan Opti Arch optimised

Figure 1. WAN Optimisation Service Architecture





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