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SaaS - Digital Proximity (powered by MandoeMedia)

A Flexible Proximity Solution

Right place. Right time. Right message

Customer acquisition and retention are important in ensuring the long term success of your company. With today’s consumers being flooded by information through multiple channels, it is difficult to attract and build relationships with your audience. Creating an innovative and differentiated in-store customer experience could set you apart from your competitors. Telkomtelstra will offer a flexible Proximity Solution to assist you in creating a superior customer experience. Our solution combines Wi-Fi delivered mobile content to create localised digital experiences. This will help you engage and influence your target consumers, whilst also capturing data enabling you to measure results and optimise campaign effectiveness.

Telkomtelstra will provide this solution in a fully managed model, and free you up to focus on delivering a superior customer experience and results, without worrying about the complexity of managing the technology.

Our Proximity Solution will give you the following benefits:

  • Ability for you to increase in-store sales through targeted promotions
  • You will be able to instantly schedule content across any location
  • Updates can be done in real-time and you will have control at multiple levels including city, province, district, screen
  • Increase customer purchase and retention by providing an excellent in-store experience
  • This in store experience is achieved through proper digital display positioning and content delivery, interaction with digital display, and connection to customer’s smartphone to deliver more personalized content through the InstantApp
  • Nurture and increase your customer loyalty

You will be able to build customer profile and send personalised and targeted offers based on preference and behaviour, which in turn gives you the ability to attract and retain loyal customers




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