Managed Cloud Services

Telkomtelstra understands that accelerating the growth of your company is a top business priority. That’s why telkomtelstra offers the ability to leverage Cloud technology to help you boost productivity and drive efficiencies to move your business forward.

Telkomtelstra provides an end-to-end managed Cloud platform delivering a complete service across the network while maximising the opportunities Cloud computing can offer modern businesses. This service enables you to accelerate time to deployment, increase availability and system performance and reduce business risk, giving you faster access to innovation and a better return on your investment. Our aim is to make your journey to Cloud significantly simpler and more predictable.

Telkomtelstra can provide a fully managed service – combining our network solutions, Cloud platform and services expertise, to ensure the highest performance levels for your mission-critical business and financial applications. Telkomtelstra’s end-to-end Managed Cloud Services provides customers with:

  • A customer portal as the window for customers to monitor and manage all their services with an integrated service management layer
  • A single point of contact for your service to be activated and managed
  • The simplicity of a single SLA across your Cloud services, data centre and network requirements.

Having the benefit of using Managed Cloud Services, fully managed by telkomtelstra, reduces business complexities and allows you to focus on your core products and services. Telkomtelstra’s Managed Cloud Services can be your solution for minimising risk within your organisation’s IT operations – requiring specialised security, governance, management and tools to ensure visibility and control at every service level.

Different types of Cloud stages that telkomtelstra offers:




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