What is Wide Area Network Optimisation?

Tue 30 July 2019, telkomtelstra

Video transcript

Telkomtelstra is a joint venture company headquartered in Jakarta. It’s a JV between Telkom Indonesia and Telstra that designs services, provides specialists and support for the wider Telkom Indonesia.

We have a lot of employees on site and remote that rely on Office 3665 to support the business. Office 365 applications including e-mail are critical to productivity and collaboration. Because Office 365 lives in the Cloud, network availability and performance are tremendously important.

Since Office 365 is hosted outside of Indonesia the potential for sub-optimal performance was there. So the IT team at telkomtelstra wanted to investigate ways to gain better visibility of the performance and optimise the performance of Office 365.

As a start-up company that is growing its team rapidly we wanted to use SaaS tools like Office 365, Box and Salesforce, but wanted to make sure they were running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We immediately looked at bandwidth. During the investigative stage we discovered that, on average, SharePoint required 12 Mbps of bandwidth while Office 365 required 94 Kbps of bandwidth for normal connection-per-user basis.
When we optimised the WAN we were able to reduce that by 92% and 36% respectively. It was an immediate win/win as we saved costs and our employees had an immediate user experience boost – which translated directly to increased productivity.

The same dramatic improvements were applied to the increasingly important area of backups. Imagine backing up a WAN five to fifty times faster. Today’s optimised WANs can compress backup times from twenty-four hours down to four hours and even adjust traffic speed dynamically, based on behaviour, to accommodate backups in progress. When you are in Managed IT Services business, backups are mission critical.

These dramatic improvements aside, one of the most impressive aspects of any provider’s WAN optimization service today has to be the customer portal.

Best-in-class service providers now offer customer portals that can work on tablet or mobile, integrate through API for future integration, share information with teams and tap into the service provider’s support network for on-call expert advice.

A good WAN optimization service should include consulting, proactive monitoring and management and amazing customer support – across every communication channel in use.

At the end of the day, implementing WAN optimisation at our own head office allowed us to:

– Accelerate network performance and improve employee collaboration
– Gain complete control over IT costs
– Resolve issues faster which reduces business risk
– Protect data more effectively

Talk with your service provider about how much productivity your business can get from an optimised WAN.