What is Software as a Service?

Sun 16 June 2019, telkomtelstra

Video transcript

SaaS is all about providing rich functionality to address business challenges. But one of the main business benefits is not needing to commit budget to suppliers and resources when trying to find what solution will address those challenges.

In fact, SaaS is possibly the best enabler for a low risk, fail fast business environment.

Let’s say you’re managing 2,000 insurance agents and your competitor launches a new product. What if you could assess that new product and redefine your own product proposition and then share that in a matter of minutes to all 2,000 agents. You could use SMS but that’s expensive, and how do you know they all saw the message?

With a Multi-Channel Communication service you can have the confidence that your agents received the message and your message updates. Imagine an omni-channel messaging platform that lowers the cost of communication and increases speed and efficiency.

Your customers are in the digital world, even while they are physically in your store. That means they are vulnerable to distraction and even competitive brand placements. So how can you connect the digital and physical worlds on your terms?

Digital proximity services make your digital signage interactive and extend your sphere of influence beyond your store to reach potential customers. Instead of simply supplying free Wi-Fi you are supplying content. It’s relevant to the customer experience and can be refreshed, changed, and personalized without the need for expensive change programs.

Today, customers have never been more empowered. They choose how and when to engage your call centre. They want to continue a conversation across different platforms and they won’t accept being put on hold or a busy signal.

With the telkomtelstra Cloud Contact Centre you can empower your agents to provide an omni-channel experience to customers without losing touch during the conversation. It adapts to the market so you can change customer relationship programs in days instead of weeks and change campaigns in minutes. Capacity can be scaled up or down depending on the only market demand that matters – today’s.

Indonesians are extremely tech savvy and businesses in Indonesia need to be one step ahead. Software as a Service may just be the best low risk environment to empower businesses with the confidence to make bold moves. In a world that is changing more than ever, is your business ready for what’s next?