telkomtelstra Managed Private Cloud

Tue 30 July 2019, telkomtelstra

Video Transcript

If you’re an IT leader, keeping your data and your customers’ data secure is critical, but where do you find the time and resources to do it yourself?

No matter what industry you’re in, there’s an increasing need for businesses to keep some data in a secure and predictable IT environment.

This is a role best suited for private Cloud.

A Private Cloud solution should give your business increased confidence but you may need to divert time and resources to ensure the applications and data you are hosting are always accessible and performing to business’ standards.

This can result in cost increase and distractions, as you manage tools, people and systems to ensure the right performance levels of your Cloud infrastructure.

This can quickly lead to questions about whether the value of the private Cloud is worth the maintenance costs.

A Managed Private Cloud solution can help you to realise the value of a Private Cloud faster and for a longer period of time.

A Managed Cloud solution can provide you with the flexibility that a Cloud service is designed to deliver, but with all the performance and support that your business expects.

Telkomtelstra’s Managed Cloud solution is designed to meet this required balance with:

  • Certified staff and management
  • Change systems to meet the necessary performance levels of the business
  • Tools that give your business the control to internally activate, allocate and turn down capacity, in line with business requirements.

Telkomtelstra leverages Cloud applications and Private Cloud infrastructure to make applications and data available all the time.

For that reason telkomtelstra’s managed private Cloud solution is managed proactively.

Confidence in the IT systems you use is directly linked to how quickly your service provider can restore services. In a world where IT things can and do go wrong, telkomtelstra not only works steadily to minimise risk, it can also ensure our certified engineers are able to focus on resolving the problem as fast as possible – even before your business users are aware of service issues.

Imagine your business is seeking to expand in order to address a market opportunity.
Now imagine you could simply use an online portal to understand how quickly capacity can be added.

We all know time can be the greatest asset to a business or the biggest obstacle when there is not enough of it.

Private Cloud can provide your business with the performance, security and reliability you need for critical applications and data – as well as the much needed time to focus on your core business.

Telkomtelstra’s Managed Private Cloud can avoid increased costs or distractions
and at the same time, empower your business with the right tools to ensure the value of your Private Cloud investment is realised.

Telkomtelstra… Empowering your business with confidence.