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Companies with Gender Diversity of Workers Potentially Gain Special Financial Benefits

JAKARTA - Companies that prioritize gender diversity of labor potentially have special financial gains compared to companies that underestimate the principle of gender diversity. Various financial benefits include improving the quality of organizational performance, expanding the range of human resources talent, employee satisfaction, innovation and creativity, decision-making effectiveness, and improvement of the company's own image.

Thus one of the conclusions in the discussion forum Indonesian Women's Forum 2018 held in Jakarta. Discussion forum is a collaboration between Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia and telkomtelstra with companies and organizations that network with both companies.

This year, the Indonesian Women's Forum 2018 discussed the theme of gender diversity in general employment situations in companies in Indonesia to raise awareness of the importance of supporting gender diversity in companies.

Minister for Women Empowerment and Child Protection Yohana Yembise expressed her appreciation for telkomtelstra and Coca-Cola Amatil initiatives to make Indonesian Women's Forum 2018 a very important way in supporting Indonesia to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, especially number 5.1 on women and gender equality.

"Looking at the things that telkomtelstra and Coca-Cola Amatil have done, we should be able to use them as role models to inspire other companies in Indonesia on this important topic," said Yohana.

She also agrees if such an activity is an annual agenda. "I agree and ready to support and accompany," she explained.

This year's discussion forum highlights the fundamental problem that companies in Indonesia have not fully implemented gender diversity policies in the world of work with the right target and effective, but this provides many benefits to the company.

It is important to realize that companies in the top 25% position in gender diversity are more likely to have above-average financial returns. "The existence of gender diversity can actually improve the performance of the organization, because the company can expand the talent reach of human resources, increase employee satisfaction, improve innovation and creativity, improve decision-making effectiveness, and strengthen the company's own image," said President Director and CEO telkomtelstra Erik Meijer.

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It is common knowledge that most women in the workforce often feel unable to grow, get a chance, and be promoted to a higher career path because of their gender. On the other hand, many men in the world of work do not understand the situation of women in the world of work, so they are not yet committed to gender diversity issues, whereas this issue can not be discussed if it does not include the role of men in it.

Based on the Forum Group Discussion conducted in the Indonesian Women's Forum 2018, six policy recommendation points are applicable to companies in Indonesia to improve gender diversity in the workplace. Short-term recommendations include; First, gender diversity becomes one of the company's commitments with measurable targets and strategies. Second, the process of recruitment and promotion is transparent with the methodology and criteria already announced.

Third, implement flexible working time, both time and place, by building an integrated support system in both supervision, target measurement, and clear support facilities (depending on the type of work). While long-term recommendations include; First, within six months, an "Anti-Harassment Working Unit" was co-sponsored and led by the leadership team and HR to create an internal community. Second, make "Support Gender Diversity" as one of KPI for every manager. Third, the existence of corporate programs related to gender diversity that can be derived into KPI employees, then accounted for internally and externally in the form of annual report, but the KPI must go through the assessment process first.

"We are also here to learn from our own experience," said Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia Director of Public Affairs and Communications Lucia Karina. She told the various programs that the beverage company had run to support gender diversity.

"Forums such as IWF are expected to serve as a forum for learning between organizations and companies in Indonesia to continue promoting gender diversity. We believe that gender diversity can grow faster if we pursue together," she said.(*)