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Telkomtelstra Pushed Company’s Digital Transformation, Delivering the First Hybrid Cloud “Glocal” in Indonesia

  • Telkomtelstra held a series of Digital Transformation Journey 2018 to support Enterprise business optimization in Indonesia, where the first activity discusses about “Responding to business challenges through implementing cloud solutions in Indonesia”.
  • The transition to modern cloud-based IT infrastructure through Hybrid Cloud solutions is becoming more important to accelerate the company’s digital transformation in the face of fierce business competition

JAKARTA, 27 March 2018 – Indonesia’s continued positive economic growth has created a dynamic business landscape, with rapidly expanding markets, intensifying competition, and major shifts in the regulatory environment. The requirements for information technologies are becoming more complex, in order to support companies adapting to the ever-changing business landscape.

In order to encourage the acceleration of the company's digital transformation in Indonesia, telkomtelstra held a series of Digital Transformation (DiTa) Journey 2018 which will have 4 (four) times DITA telkomtelstra runs during 2018. Agus F. Abdillah, telkomtelstra's Chief Product and Synergy Officer explained that the first series from DiTa telkomtelstra 2018, discusses "Responding to business challenges through the implementation of Cloud solutions in Indonesia" which highlights that cloud technology is one of the foundations of accelerating the present and future digital transformation to pursue the efficiency and changing trends of the business world.

"Indonesian companies who have switched to the cloud solution, mostly did that to minimize company operational costs and gain flexibility in adopting the latest technologies for business optimization without having to invest heavily in purchasing a new hardware," he said.

IDC Research data shows the data and information driven business operations and engagement as a competitive advantage become the top priority for companies in 2018 with the transformation of information and transformation of the operating model as the main goal of digital transformation in 2018, whereas this is in line with the DITA telkomtelstra 2018.

In order to enable digital transformation, IDC sees that in 2021 corporate spending for cloud services, devices and also cloud support services will reach US $ 266 million. These data show that digital transformation, the acceleration of business activities, business processes, competencies and business models with the right cloud innovation offer profound advantages for businesses when companies begin to transform.

Agus said companies that have limited strategy and implementation for cloud technology may find themselves unable to meet market demand in the long term. Otherwise, companies that adopt cutting-edge strategies such as Hybrid Cloud implementation can obtain full benefit from cloud technology, both private and public cloud.

Hybrid Cloud allows companies to run their workload synchronized both in public and private cloud. Various services had been proved to run on Azure architecture such as Citrix desktop virtual, SAP HANA, and various web-based application like a paperless office. By combining Azure Public and Azure Stack, Hybrid Cloud strategy can operate seamless and standardized.

The rules of data sovereignty can also remain filled with the implementation of Hybrid Cloud strategies. For the example, customers can keep their data in private cloud in Indonesia while their application placed in the public environment. Additionally, Microsoft Power BI software can answer the need of potential market of Hybrid Cloud Business Intelligence solutions, which give benefits from Azure Stack’s data sovereignty combined with Azure Public’s high scalability. So that able to support and encourage digital transformation in Indonesia.

“With Azure Stack Platform, Telkomtelstra is now delivering the first Hybrid Cloud “glocal” in Indonesia, which had been used by some of our customers to provide innovative and reliable solutions to support their digital transformation efforts,” Agus said.

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