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Driving Digital Transformation in Indonesia: Telkomtelstra Provides Reliable Cloud-Based Technology

Telkomtelstra is committed to become the partner of choice for local business in keeping up with market’s demand and in optimising their business

Jakarta, November 15 2017 – telkomtelstra, a joint venture between Telkom Indonesia and Telstra, today held the telkomtelstra Digital Summit 2017 – Technology Innovation for Tomorrow’ Business in Jakarta, where the company showcased its complete product and solution portfolio. The showcase comes as telkomtelstra is expanding its portfolio and is now one of Indonesia’s first providers of Hybrid Cloud Services, in partnership with Microsoft.

The summit is a signature flag pole event for Enterprises, and Government, and is designed to help businesses understand how to transform in the digital era. This supports the government’s vision in realizing Indonesia as one of the biggest digital economy countries in South-East Asia in 2020.

Partners at the showcase included Riverbed, Microsoft, Ipscape, Fortinet, Mandoe.

At The Digital Summit in Jakarta today, telkomtelstra proudly announced that it is the first company in Indonesia to utilize Microsoft advanced cloud analytic, the Azure Stack platform, to support local businesses. Telkomtelstra, powered by Microsoft technology, is tapping into Indonesia’s growing cloud services market and helping companies to comply with the local data residency policy, reducing cost and inefficiencies, and better access performance.

“To support enterprises transform digitally, telkomtelstra Cloud Solution is now ready to be strategically implemented for local business and it can be tailored for business needs with superior security and flexibility,” stated Erik Meijer, the President Director of telkomtelstra “With our Azure Stack Platform, telkomtelstra will present the first “glocal” Hybrid Cloud in Indonesia while at the same time providing customers with a trusted and innovative solution to support business. To ensure a good cloud service, telkomtelstra also integrates other services such as; business productivity applications, network services, security services and professional services.”

In addition, telkomtelstra is also encouraging Indonesian developers to utilize the Microsoft Azure platform through the Indonesia Application Challenge (IAC) using Microsoft Azure platform. Telkomtelstra is organizing the IAC to invite Indonesian apps developers to be creative in developing applications using the Micorosoft Azure platform and the telkomtelstra API to solve real world challenges. The IAC is aimed to energize nationwide community of software makers to build unique apps for telkomtelstra’s customers, and the program shows the company’s readiness in supporting business players especially apps developer.

International Data Corporation (IDC) Indonesia reported that the country’s information and communication technology (ICT) spending will increase by 16% or equivalent to IDR 394 trillion (US$ 29.5 billion) in 2020, from the 2017’s prediction of IDR 339 trillion (US$ 25.4 billion). While hardware and devices will still dominate Indonesia’s IT spending, IDC also sees a change in the behavior of companies across the country that will make IT services become one of the main components of growth in 2020. IT services spending will increase by 61.1% in 2020 to IDR 29 trillion (US$ 2.2 billion) from the estimated of IDR 18 trillion (US$ 1.3 billion) in 2017.

David Gee, the Chief Operating Officer of telkomtelstra, also stated: “As the digital business revolution gains pace, digital transformation is no longer an option, it is a necessity for companies to stay viable. This digital transformation requires new thinking and facilitators that provide best practices to help them overcome challenges.”

“Changing competitive landscapes are disrupting businesses across all sectors and creating an imperative to invest in digital transformation to improve the customer experience, drive operational efficiencies, and optimise the workforce for Indonesian companies,” continued David Gee.

Most importantly, to face the increasing numbers of challenges in the digital era, telkomtelstra plans to unlock a high performance security solution that are designed to provide its customers with the peace of mind in regards to various cyber threats, so that they can compete confidently in a digital world.

Indonesian business is shifting to cloud

Indonesia is a fast growing network application and services market, and as a joint venture of two leading and respected telecommunication companies, Telkom Indonesia and Telstra, Telkomtelstra is well equipped to take the market leadership in Indonesia. Telkomtelstra will continue to implement its strategy and develop capability in this important portfolio that complements both of Telkom and Telstra historically core business and assets in Indonesia, Australia and internationally. With another year of strong growth in 2017, telkomtelstra continues to make strong progress in growing scale and regional capabilities.

The shift in technologies and expectations parallels the evolving mission of local businesses, and the resources available to them to fulfil it. Enterprises are quickly transforming their operations with digital capabilities to meet customer demands for a connected and engaging experience. Digital transformation, the acceleration of business activities, processes, competencies, and models through IT modernization and cloud computing offers powerful benefits for local business once they make the transition.

Therefore, as local business’s partner, telkomtelstra provides strong portfolio of products and solution to help the enhancement of the digital transformation in Indonesia. Telkomtelstra has been successfully encouraged Indonesian enterprises to utilize managed solution services, which will allow them to focus on improving their own business efficiency and productivity. The innovative technology is combined with Telkom Indonesia’s network supremacy and national reach.

Telkomtelstra is currently delivering trusted products, services and solutions (Managed Network Services, Integrated Service Management and Professional Services) to Indonesian business customers. Telkomtelstra will be releasing its second phase of products, including managed cloud, unified communications, and an integrated suite of Managed Security Products.


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