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Telkomtelstra and Microsoft Launch Indonesia’s First Hybrid Cloud Solution Based on Microsoft Azure Stack, Locally Hosted in Indonesia

Stores Selected Data Locally in Indonesia in Line with Data Sovereignty Requirements

Erik Meijer, President Director telkomtelstra


Azure Stack telkomtelstra

JAKARTA – Tuesday, 8 August 2017. Managed Services provider PT. Teltranet Aplikasi Solusi (Telkomtelstra), today announced the launch of the first Azure Hybrid Cloud with Azure Stack Platform in Indonesia, in partnership with PT Microsoft Indonesia (Microsoft Indonesia). This is a joint effort to tap into Indonesia’s growing cloud services market helping companies to comply with the local data residency policy, lower latency and better access performance, and trusted local support to implement cloud strategy into their business. The hybrid cloud solution enables customers to store some applications or data in a traditional non-virtualised environment, while some other applications or data are stored in a Private Cloud and Public off-premises cloud.

“In oder to keep up with the market’s demand, business in the digital era should be powered by cloud technology, because it could help improve efficiency by reducing cost, enabling innovation by increasing revenue and existing assets, and transform your business with new business models,” said Erik Meijer, telkomtelstra’s President Director. “With Azure Stack Platform, telkomtelstra wil be presenting the first Hybrid Cloud in Indonesia powered by Microsoft, leader in cloud technology and at the same time providing customers with a trusted and an innovation driven to support business. In addition, telkomtelstra also integrates other telkomtelstra’s services to create better cloud service such as; business productivity applications, network services, security services and professional services.”

The adoption of cloud technology is increasing in Indonesia and is becoming a building block for enterprises to build, manage and create new business value for their customers. With telkomtelstra’s Public Cloud customers are able to save up to 40% on Windows Server virtual machines in Azure, depending on usage, instance type, allocation, have the flexibility to scale up or down anytime, bring collaboration in developing & operating processes with automation and scheduling which can be defined anytime and deliver more purpose by storing your data into cloud with simple and reliable storage, secure data, copies backup in seperate DC (data centre) and creating data insight.

According to Tony Seno Hartono, National Technology Officer of Microsoft Indonesia: “IT leaders in Asia Pacific are making firm steps towards transforming their approaches to complement their organisation’s digital transformation requirements despite having to also manage legacy IT infrastructure. Fourty-eight percent of IT leaders in the region are prioritising hybrid cloud over public only or private only cloud solutions for their organisations in the near future.”

“The next few years will be critical to all IT leaders as they execute on plans for a transition to a modern cloud-based IT infrastructure needed to serve their digital business needs. Therefore, together with telkomtelstra, Microsoft is also committed to help enterprise customers in Indonesia to accelerate their digital transformation,” continued Tony.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform for digital transformation across customer’s business. Microsoft provides platform of technologies that enables users to accelerates application innovation through rapid application development and agility in the cloud, delivers integrated data and intelligence, data for rich insights to intelligence embedded within application, open and flexible, where customers can use the tools and technologies they already have and would like to use.

Azure Hybrid Cloud is available in 38 regions around the world, and it is continuously investing in the latest infrastructure technologies, focusing on high reliability, operational excellence, cost-effectiveness, environmental sustainability, and a trustworthy online experience for customers and partners worldwide. More over, Azure is a trusted platform to protect customer’s business assets, as customers expect more digital experiences, it is inevitable that they also expect an advance data protection.

In order to give an initial phase of experiencing the benefits from implementing the Azure Hybrid Cloud, telkomtelstra has offered a Proof of Concept (PoC) package for customers to install the Azure for one month with no charge. PoC package showcases azure stack and stimulates the real operating and support environment of telkomtelstra managed services. There has been a number of telkomtelstra customers who have experienced the benefits of using the Azure Hybrid Cloud, including PT. Indo Karya Optima.

“Having the Microsoft Azure with telkomtelstra as our web server and database server is such a satisfactory experience. The installation steps are easy to understand and user friendly. The experience of using it for our first month trial was seamless as if having our server on premise with no issues on bandwith and speed. Overall, the service from telkomtelstra is also great as they have been very supportive, quickly responsive and helpful. Stated by Eric Hernawan, Direktur PT. Indo Karya Optima.

The partnership between telkomtelstra and Microsoft Indonesia will provide a complete solution offering of Azure Public Cloud with services such as: Azure Back Up (Simple and reliable server backup to the cloud), Azure Apps Service (Create web apps for any platform and any device), Azure SQL Database (Manage relational SQL Database-as-a-service), Azure VMs (Provision Windows and Linux virtual machines in seconds) and Azure Site Recovery (Orchestrate protection and recovery of private cloud. More over, the services are also divided into two that include Public Azure Managed Service and Azure Public Service. Public Azure Managed Service is created for business that would like to leverage the Microsoft Azure Public cloud, supported by a managed service with level 1/2/3 support where telkomtelstra will register customer details and subscription. While Azure Public Service is created for business that is just looking to purchase Azure Public licenses where telkomtelstra will configure the Azure Portal to meet the customer’s cloud service requirements. Ordering and provisioning customer in the azure platform prior to service handover.


For further information about telkomtelstra Azure Stack Hybrid Cloud Service, please contact:

Telkomtelstra: 021 – 80640600