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Telkomtelstra Encourages Digital Transformation through Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Development

Jakarta, 26 May 2016. Telkomtelstra, a leading managed solutions services provider, participated in the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Conference 2016. This year, the International Data Corporation (IDC) proposed the theme The Delivery Ecosystem for Digital Transformation. Also attending the event was Senior Market Analyst, Consulting at IDC Indonesia, Mevira Munindra, Country Manager IDC Indonesia and Philippines, Sudev Bangah and COO of telkomtelstra, Nathan Bell.

In line with IDC’s theme, telkomtelstra also discussed how developing the right Hybrid Cloud infrastructure, is essential for any business today. Recently, digital transformation has become a priority for company leaders in almost every industry sector, including government institutions. IDC predicted that by the end of 2016, 60% of companies in Asia Pacific will have undergone digital transformation. However, to implement this, companies need to build a hybrid cloud-based architecture, which is a mix of private and public cloud services, to enable them to improve mobilisations and social interactions, using big data/analytics.

COO of telkomtelstra, Nathan Bell, said, “The key success criteria for any digital transformation, especially leveraging cloud infrastructure is Agility, Compliance and Empowerment, or simply put ACE. ‘Agility’, to ensure the digital transformation can evolve with the business, ‘Compliance’ to certify we can align with any regulatory or corporate security requirements, as they evolve and lastly ‘Empowerment’ of your organization to maximize the benefits of any digital transformation first hand. The latter is critical to the success of any digital transformation and is dependent on an organization’s willingness to change and empower staff. Cloud capability provides the best chance for that to happen.” Bell also said, “The ACE approach can best be realized through orchestration, giving businesses the tools to continually adapt to market and business challenges, in near real time, resulting in aiding the business with adaptability for ongoing requirements as well as enabling greater productivity through defining ‘what is the right outcome for the business at any given point in time’.”

During the conference, IDC also explained that 65% of IT organizations in companies are committed to utilising hybrid cloud services by the year 2017. This allows the rate of digital transformation and the hybrid cloud ecosystem to grow globally, including Indonesia. The combination of GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance) elements will also determine the organization’s ability to encourage the transformation of a competitive data-based and mobile intensive business environment. This also indicates that policy makers need to design ICT strategy that benefits from the advantages of technology, particularly in the areas of service management, workload management and the modernization of data center infrastructure.

The era of Big Data has encouraged the growth of cloud computing solutions to improve efficiency and to support the growth of national industry. Therefore, Indonesia’s cloud computing market potential is very large. As an illustration, IDC predicted that the total cloud market of Indonesia in 2016 will reach USD 308 million and will continue to increase to USD 378 million in the year 2017, with a growth rate of 22%-36% each year. Telkomtelstra hopes that in the near future, industries such as ICT, finance, healthcare, logistics, property, agriculture, manufacturing, retail and public services are able to transform their businesses through digital technology and utilise the solutions Hybrid Cloud services provide.


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Telkomtelstra is a joint venture between PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom Indonesia), Indonesia’s largest telecommunication operator and Telstra Corporation Limited (Telstra), the leader of B2B enterprise services in Australia. Leveraging the strengths of both Telkom Indonesia and Telstra, telkomtelstra brings a profound combination of deep local market expertise and global managed solutions experience to help optimizing, transforming, and increasing the productivity as well as efficiencies of business for companies in Indonesia.

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