Key Takeaways From ‘Optimizing SD-WAN Security for Cloud-first Enterprise’

Thu 15 October 2020, telkomtelstra
Optimizing SD-WAN Security for Cloud first-Enterprise

As enterprise branch offices expand their use of cloud applications, they are adopting Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) to improve productivity and performance. SD-WAN is transformational technology to optimise network bandwidth utilisation. In addition, the use of this leading network solution can also improve application performance and increase network visibility in a widespread number of branches.

However, connecting branch offices directly to the Internet increases the new risk of cyber-attack and the high cost for security management.  Securing SD-WAN connections to the cloud is essential to ensure that enterprises have the ability in managing today’s increased cyber threats.

Powered by leading global technologies, Telkomtelstra Managed SD-WAN solution assure the performance and security of enterprise and cloud applications over the Internet and hybrid-WAN, while significantly simplifying deployments and reducing costs.

Last September at Webinar ‘Optimizing SD-WAN Security for Cloud first-Enterprise’ collaborated with VMware and Check Point, we showed how to secure branch office SD-WAN connections to the cloud. [To see to the webinar session, click here.]

Highlights from this discussion include:

  • Connecting branch offices directly to the internet significantly increase their security risk and security management costs. Branches are no longer protected by centralized data center security, which exposes them and the enterprise WAN to sophisticated cyber-attacks.
  • Enterprises need to have an advanced WAN solution that equipped with security technology that able protects branch office connections to the cloud from sophisticated threats with dynamic scalability, intelligent provisioning, and consistent control.
  • Telkomtelstra Managed SD-WAN provides end to end SD-WAN connectivity with security solutions that can be quickly deployed across all branch offices and are always up to date with the latest security.
  • Working with various leading technology partner to deliver the best SD-WAN solution in Indonesia including Check Point and VeloCloud, which now part of VMware, Telkomtelstra enable organizations to have the best productivity of SaaS-based applications in its branches without the headache of data security issues over the Internet or hybrid WAN.
  • Network security services protect branch office connections to the cloud through:
    • Top-rated Threat Prevention updated in real-time with the latest Cloud Intelligence
    • A unified threat prevention and access management platform that can reduce operational expense
    • Seamless integration with VMware SD-WAN

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