COVID-19 – How Cloud Contact Center can help Indonesia ‘flatten the curve’

Fri 24 April 2020, telkomtelstra
telkomtelstra cloud contact centre

COVID-19 is having drastic repercussions to the Indonesian economy but more importantly, the safety and well being of the most vulnerable community members is at stake.

With this in mind, it is important to consider the role technology can play to ensure we all do our part to ensure we ‘flatten the curve’ and slow the spread.

There is evidence from previous outbreaks that social distancing can effectively limit the spread of infections. We don’t know exactly how the new coronavirus spreads, but similar viruses are predominantly spread from the mouths and noses of infected people when they cough or sneeze, which can land on surfaces.

With these considerations what technology can businesses utilise to help ‘flatten’ the curve?

Physical Distancing/ Social Distancing

Keeping our distance from each other can help reduce the spread of the virus. In fact the Indonesian Government has been encouraging this since the Covid-19 outbreak spread massively. Some businesses have set up different teams, who rotate, taking turns working from home.

Similarly, some businesses who have decided to have their whole workforce work from home have been able to maintain customer service levels by taking a multi-channel communication strategy. Agents who are able to take voice calls are allocated to specific campaigns while other agents who may not be able to can be allocated to email and web-chat service queries.

A multi-channel Contact Centre technology solution is imperative in these instances to ensure reporting is centralised for management to monitor the productivity of staff.

Businesses who have service teams want to ensure they are still able to talk to and communicate with their customers. Cloud Contact Centre technology can ensure customer service teams are still able to provide exceptional customer experiences from anywhere.

Be Proactive and Consistent with Communication 

Employees feel more confident working remotely if there are consistent and proactive communications from leadership. Cloud Contact Centre has tools to ensure announcements can be made to employees easily. Moreover, the announcement feature can pop a message for all employees, or to specific teams or individuals.

Telkomtelstra Cloud Contact Centre solution, powered by ipSCAPE, leading technology for Contact Centre are committed to support its customer to best understand how cloud technology can ensure their contact centre is still providing excellent customer experiences no matter what external factors may come.

As businesses prepare Business Continuity Plans during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working with a range of customers to review their workflows to ensure they are able to enact their emergency response and enable work from home.

We can help your contact centre be prepared during this challenging COVID-19 situation with features including:

  • True Cloud multichannel capabilities – Quickly service and respond to customers through, Voice, Email, Web Chat and SMS.
  • Reporting – Enabling you to see the activity and performance of your team
  • Emergency Response Routing – Easily route calls to a mobile or voicemail
  • Full Work from Home Enablement – Agents can easily work from home. All you need is an internet browser and a headset.