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The Other Side of Your Cloud Contact Centre

telkomtelstra cloud contact centre

What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you think about a Cloud Contact Centre? Is it the sophisticated technology of a contact centre or the cost effectiveness within your company? In our previous blog, we outlined the benefits applied in a cloud contact centre; Pay-as-you-go pricing models, collaboration, reporting, service integration and mobility benefits.

Although Cloud Contact Centre apply the same services as traditional Contact Centres, the way the operations are run is significantly different. Both services generate similar output in serving customers on their Contact Centre channel. However, Cloud Contact Centre have greater flexibility in supporting your business operations. Cost flexibility is also a key benefit and will be compelling for CIOs, as CIOs are always looking to find ways to upgrade or deploy the latest technologies while also trying to reduce operational costs.

Due to the high operational cost of Contact Centres, companies are seeking alternative ways of delivering that capability. Cloud Contact Centre could be the answer for you. There are many benefits of using Cloud Contact Centre, as outlined below.

The flexibility of a Cloud Contact Centre means it can operate as a back-up to a traditional Contact Centre approach, giving customers certainty and confidence in their operations. Additionally, sometimes promotional programs within organisations don’t align – where an organisation may need to undertake significant telesales initiatives in a short timeframe, yet the Contact Centre has a fixed and tight schedule. With a cloud contact centre, a company can easily increase its capacity in the short-term to facilitate and meet these increased organisational needs. This also negates the need for highly costly capital expenditure such as new software, computers, IVR, and also numbers of lines for incoming and outgoing call.

Human resources can also be expensive and inflexible for a Contact Centre to manage. You have to pay employees regularly, provide appropriate facilities while also renting space and deploying infrastructure in often various locations. Costs also tend to increase year on year. In some cases, Contact Centre providers deploy their employees in different cities in order to reduce costs, because each city has different minimum wage and the opportunity to find suitable staff changes with different regions. Operating multiple sites in different locations also has its own difficulties, leading to yet more reasons to operate Contact Centres from the Cloud.

As a Cloud Contact Centre agent, you don’t necessarily have to come to an office environment, so long as you can be online. Being ‘officeless’ can drive effectiveness of reduce costs and resources required significantly. As the agent itself, companies are able to hire from a far broader pool of talent, where location is far less important than ever before, making it easier to employ people who would otherwise find it difficult to find work. For example; a house wife who can’t leave the house but needs to add financial income with only few hours to do it. A college student with limited time during his/ her study, or people with a ‘special’ need, that can’t do mobile activities freely. There are people willing to work hourly, without having to go to the office, but have the same capabilities with others. This category of people can have an amazingly positive impact on the growth of your company, enabled by using Cloud Contact Centre as platform.

Contact Centres are an essential part of growing businesses and support customer relations and engagements. Cloud Contact Centres offer great flexibility and cost efficiencies in running your operations and combine the right technologies with the right services to deliver a great solution for your business.

(May, 2016)