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How Managed Private Cloud Service Adds Value to Your Business

In recent years Cloud computing has evolved significantly and ever more companies are utilising Cloud technology to deliver a range of operational benefits. IDG’s 2015 Enterprise Cloud Computing study revealed that 48% of enterprises are moving to Cloud operating models to replace on-premise technology. The main reasons driving Cloud adoption are greater flexibility, scalability, increased deployment speed and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Managed Private Cloud Service

Managed Private Cloud services have secured their own place in the Cloud computing industry and deliver integrated services that are simple to manage and offer significant cost benefits. For instance, in telkomtelstra, a Vblock System provides a converged infrastructure solution combining Cisco compute, VMware virtualisation and EMC storage that has been pre-integrated, tested and backed by full management and support. Telkomtelstra’s Managed Private Cloud service delivers the optimal performance level for any kind of workload.

With the Vblock System installed in a Managed Private Cloud service you can provision and manage the changing demands of business opportunities as they arise. Hence, you can deliver the required performance with greater agility and efficiency. Vblock System’s pre-packaged modular architecture also enables you to enjoy lower infrastructure costs while providing more predictable performance. Services can also be quickly deployed and easily distributed throughout an organisation, enabling you to reduce risks and improve the predictability and timeliness of IT projects.

Case Study: Canadian Pacific

Canadian Pacific, a transcontinental railway in Canada and the United States, was having difficulties with its outsourced IT model. As the business grew, it needed ever increasing IT infrastructure to support its operations. The company’s SAP provisioning was slow and was impacting on its ability to respond to business demands. On the other hand, its outsourcing cost was also rising and limiting its investment opportunities.
Canadian Pacific decided to transform its outsourced IT operations to an insourcing model in order to increase control over its infrastructure assets, as well as reduce operational IT costs. They chose the Vblock System to run more than 500 applications, including SAP.
Now, Canadian Pacific’s SAP provisioning takes only weeks rather than months. Additionally, the business managed to save more than $30 million in outsourcing costs in their first year of transformation.

Case Study: Purdue Pharma

Purdue Pharma is another case study on the implementation of Vblock System for Managed Private Cloud. Based in Connecticut, US, the private pharmaceutical company went through rapid business growth and outgrew their data centre. The company upgraded their server architecture to enable them to pursue their business goals. At the same time Purdue Pharma also needed to replace their outdated tape backup solution with a modern and rapid alternative.

Through the Managed Private Cloud solution Purdue Pharma was able to converge computing, network, storage and virtualisation technologies into one integrated system. With streamlined IT infrastructure and operations Purdue Pharma achieved IT cost efficiencies and was able to deliver the same or better performance with a smaller IT team.

Today, Purdue Pharma’s staff can focus on adding value to their customers and their own business alike.

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Focusing on Your Business Achievements

In conclusion, Cloud computing has revolutionised traditional IT infrastructure models. With Cloud, your organisation should never need to worry about exceeding its storage capacity or failing to meet the IT needs of a successful and expanding business. Additionally, this can all be achieved at reduced cost.

Let the experts take responsibility of your Cloud computing requirements and you can focus on more important business priorities. Your work efficiency will be improved, complexity reduced and you’ll be more than ready to achieve outstanding business results.

(April, 2016)