Corporate Social Responsibility

At telkomtelstra our commitment to corporate and social responsibility is engrained in our culture and is a fundamental part of our operations. Telkomtelstra aims to give back by serving the needs of the community and fulfilling our responsibility to the public.

As part of our commitment to the community in which we live and work we have developed a sustainable CSR program. For this we have partnered with The Australian and New Zealand Association (ANZA) to support local communities through ANZA’s Social Welfare Programs in Indonesia. ANZA is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers committed to give something back to the Jakarta community by helping disadvantaged Indonesians.

Telkomtelstra is a major sponsor of ANZA’s Student Sponsorship Program, who financially supports educational expenses to disadvantaged students in the greater Jakarta region. We also play a role in supporting and financing special projects, such as school refurbishment.

Direct community involvement is also an important aspect in our CSR program. In addition to telkomtelstra staff volunteering to support ANZA, we will also play a role in becoming mentors and role models to disadvantaged children in the community.