Telkomtelstra is an end-to-end managed solutions provider committed to empowering enterprises in Indonesia

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About telkomtelstra

Telkomtelstra is an end-to-end managed solutions provider committed to empowering enterprises in Indonesia. We aim to solve our customers’ business challenges, by helping them to optimise, grow, and transform their businesses through our managed ICT solutions.

Telkomtelstra is a joint venture between PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom Indonesia), Indonesia’s largest telecommunications operator, and Telstra Corporation Limited (Telstra), a regional leader in enterprise services. Leveraging the strengths of both Telkom Indonesia and Telstra, we bring an unparalleled combination of deep local market expertise and global managed solutions experience.

About Telkom Group

Telkom Group is the only state-owned telecommunications enterprise as well as telecommunications and network service providers in Indonesia. Telkom Group serves millions of customers throughout Indonesia with a complete range of telecommunications services that includes fixed wireline and fixed wireless connections, mobile communications, networking and interconnection services and Internet and data communication services.
Telkom Group also provides various services in the field of information, media and edutainment, including cloud-based and server-based managed services, e-Payment services and IT enabler, e-Commerce and other portal services.

About Telstra

Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services company. With an understanding of what its customers want, including technology and content solutions that are simple and easy to use, Telstra has built networks like Australia's largest fully integrated IP network and Australia's largest and most reliable national mobile network.
With its international operations headquartered in Hong Kong, Telstra provides top-tier international customers across Asia Pacific, Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Africa with a full breadth of holistic and end-to-end solutions including managed network services, global connectivity, data, voice, satellite solutions, collaboration and cloud. Telstra’s extended reach provides our customers with smarter technology solutions to support sustainable business growth.

Our purpose and values

Indonesia’s thriving economy presents significant opportunities for enterprises across the country. The economic growth has created a dynamic business landscape, with rapidly expanding markets, intensifying competition, and major shifts in the regulatory environment. The requirements for information and communication technologies are becoming more complex, in order to support companies adapting to the ever-changing business landscape.

Telkomtelstra is here to serve Indonesian enterprises and multi-nationals operating in Indonesia to manage that complexity. Our managed ICT solutions are designed to support business continuity, improve operational efficiency and productivity, and protect business information, allowing enterprises to focus more on their core business and end customers.


A commitment to serve our customers is at the heart of our business, and guides our decisions and all that we do. Our five core values are as follows:

  • Simplify businesses
  • Empower customers
  • Respect our world
  • Value people and partners
  • Excite the market

Our vision and mission

Telkomtelstra aspires to make a lasting, positive impact on Indonesia’s industry landscape, and ultimately its people. In this context, we have defined our mission as 3Es:

  • Empowering our customers’ business
  • Employer of choice in Indonesia
  • Exceeding commitments to our shareholders, partners and community

We believe that by accomplishing our mission, we will achieve our vision of becoming “Indonesia’s Partner of Choice for Managed Solutions”.

Why telkomtelstra

Our value proposition is to empower businesses to achieve outcomes with confidence. We will accomplish this through our integrated managed solutions, leveraging our extensive reach, global capability and local expertise.
We believe we can do this better than anyone else, enabling businesses with a unique collection of core capabilities:

  • End-to-end managed solutions portfolio: We will be managing from customer premise equipment, network infrastructure up to applications end to end with a wide range of managed solutions on top of the network infrastructure
  • Unparalleled infrastructure reach and quality: We’ll leverage Telkom’s broad and rich domestic network capability and infrastructure. Internationally, we will leverage Telstra’s international infrastructure as well as Telin, Telkom’s international subsidiary
  • Co-creation approach: We collaborate with our customers to help solve their biggest business issues, using solutions that are modular and scalable
  • Global experience in delivering managed solutions: We are supported by Telstra’s 10+ years of experience and expertise in delivering managed solutions to global customers
  • Best-in-breed partnerships: We have partnerships and accreditations with some of the world’s biggest enterprise players, as well as innovative software partners